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Gifts From The Old Country: A Mini Magic Book +📌 New BONUS Effect 🆕

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Gifts From The Old Country: A Mini Magic Book +📌 New BONUS Effect 🆕

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Y’know, I might’ve mentioned once or twice that my grandpa showed me my very first trick as a kid, and from that point on I was hooked. I’ve done magic off & on throughout my life since that time. I guess it stuck with me and I’m so happy I stuck with it. Anyway, I think a lot about the places I first saw and began to think deeply about magic, from all the old magicians I saw and read about growing up in NYC. It has never left me, time and time again I have left it, only to return to its always welcoming hand. 

I've certainly written a book full of stuff, but this mini magic book of effects is my little contribution and acknowledgement of the old folks that showed and began me on a new road as to the art of magic. It is seeds, indeed gems like these, in about the way I first began to learn, that grew solidly into the kind of work I now share here with you...So just grab a few coins, a regular deck of cards, and a little of this & that, and Enjoy... 

The Mini Book includes 5 effects, a closeup opener, an absolutely great coin trick, and even a few clever card effects that even coin guys can do, but card guys will still find quite clever...

Nana's Purse

This is a cute little closeup trick that helps you to magically produce a coin via an invisible purse (aka, the old Purse Frame). 💰

Grandpa’s Favorite Card Trick

My grandpa used to kill people with this as he told the story of his favorite card, that miraculously changes into your favorite card. ♦️

Pa’s Famous 3 Coin Trick

This is my take on the old Gadabout Coins, with some clever & fresh looks to it that'll make it the only coin trick you'll ever need to carry around with you...Just 3 half dollars and a little magic. 😉 

The Godfather's Peekaboo

I have to thank The Godfather for his help with this little card trick, and you know he's one tricky dude. It's a clever little pick-a-card/ peek-a-card/ think-a-card, fun card trick. ♣️

Uncle Bub's FLIP

If you like moves, you'll love this one, where a chosen card is lost into the deck but with a flip of the deck this way & that to find the chosen card as the only face down card when the deck is spread face up. 🤸🏽‍♂️

So, you get a complete closeup suite of effects. Good thing is that there's nothing hard here, just add some practice and you'll be fooling everybody, the way I was tricked again & again by all the old guys from my journey with nothing but a few magical gems like these in their pockets. 😊

📌As promised, I added a brand new BONUS effect to the Mini Book, "Nana's No Way!" 

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*Included: 20 page PDF with video links

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